Our Products

Our organization specializes in manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of Fire Alarm Cabinets, Cabinet In, Panel Boards, Iron Table and Storage Racks. These are available in various specifications, which can be customized as per the requirement of clients. We also offer Precision Racks, Electronic Modular Enclosures, Control Panel Boards, Cable Trays & Modular Furniture Items, Telecommunication Cabinets, Storage Racks and Wall Mount Racks to our clients as per their requirement. The wide array of products cater to the various requirements of automotive and transportation industries.

Steel Metal Fabrication

Our organization is one of the leading sheet metal fabricators in India. Our customers can profit from us a range of stamping parts and sheet metal works that is made from quality crude materials like sheet metal, stainless steel, composite steel, non-ferrous metal, and carbon steel. Our sheet metal creation works are administered by our encountered specialist’s dependent upon different parameters during produce, to furnish great items to our clients. Our creation is carried out dependent upon CNC technology to get high exactness items. Being admirably known sheet metal fabricators our administrations are generally acknowledged by our clients for providing both standard and custom items. We help our clients from beginning work preparation with different offices. We offer these sheet metal created items in industrial leading costs.

We offer Steel Metal Fabrication with the following grade materials:  304, 309,310S/L, 316,316L, 409,410.

Our Steel Metal Fabrication includes:

* Spot welding of steel thickness from 0.8 to 3.00mm.
* CNC shearing is used make long straight cuts for up to 0.25 inch thick steel.

Sheet Metal Works

We offer our clients a selective run of sheet metal lives up to expectations. Sheet metal parts are made by metal stamping and incorporate an assortment of techniques like twisting, flanging, emblazoning and metal punching. Precision sheet metal works utilizing the most recent innovations within metal working, we are consistently broadening and updating our own assembling procedures to guarantee that we can offer the ability and limit you are searching for. Our sheet metal meets expectations are likewise known for characteristics like consumption safe complete and scraped spot safety. Our Sheet metal works incorporate Sheet metal cabinets, Sheet metal enclosures etc,. these parts are manufactured utilizing most recent innovations and gifted experts. These parts are generally acknowledged for its savvy nature and quality development. Our precision sheet metal works have a selective complete with programmed conveyorised facility and Nano-innovation of pretreatment. The configuration of our sheet metal meets expectations is well taken mind and PSW utilizes CAD CAM and different virtual products to be specific Metals Soft, Fabriwin, API00, and Solid Works.

Our Sheet Metal Works is applicable in a wide range:

  • Industrial equipments.
  • Medical equipments.
  • Electronic equipments.

Sheet Metal

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of sheet metal in India. We present sheet metal fabrication to our customers for a wide range of metals like aluminum, stainless steel, CRCA, G. I. Sheets and HRCA. Our extent of components is known for their precise measurements, vigorous development and better longevity. These items are dependent upon front line innovation and can withstand a considerable measure of wear and tear. They have great top fulfill and might be commissioned without any difficulty. We offer stamped sheet metal auto parts, custom sheet metal, high tonnage sheet metal components, automotive sheet metal components and for various automobile and industrial applications. The outline of our sheet metal works up to expectations is well taken forethought utilizing CAD CAM and other programming’s specifically Metals Soft, Fabriwin, API00, Solid Works. Our extent is accessible in fluctuated sizes and determinations to suit the differing decisions of the customers. Further, we likewise verify that our reach of sheet metal fabricated products is in strict adherence with universal quality standard.

Features of Sheet Metals:

  • Fine range of sheet metal fabrication services is provided.
  • Our sheet metal products are highly durable and have a longer shelf life.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Uses latest CAD technology.
  • CNC fabrication tools are used for cutting, bending, etc.

Sheet Metal Cabinet

We are occupied with offering an extensive variety of Sheet metal cabinet which is broadly pertinent in different industrial, auto and electrical businesses. These cabinets are totally ideal for different utilizes as they have sufficient space and utility. We prepare this sheet metal cabinet from tweaked sheet metal parts and according to the particulars of our customers. These cabinets help in setting things safe and right set up. The custom sheet metal cabinet offered is generally utilized for material stacking, file stacking, servo stabilizers, ups systems, and other electrical, industrial reason. Our qualified experts make these quality sheet metal cabinets dependent upon the industrial standards and the items are kept an eye on different parameters to guarantee toughness and long life.

Characteristics of Sheet Metal Cabinet:

  • Our Electronic Sheet Metal Cabinet is furnished with lockable front and back seal entryway.
  • These cabinets furnish office for different structural cabling segments.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum cabinets are offered based on the requirements.
  • Welded construction is offered.
  • Vented top facility is provided.
  • ISO certified and available in affordable prices.

Specifications of Sheet Metal Cabinet:

  • Material: Stainless steel grade 304 or 316 and aluminum.
  • Finish: powder or epoxy paint.
  • Size: based on customers requirements.

Sheet Metal Enclosure

We are one of the leading Sheet metal enclosure manufacturers in India. We work in offering an extensive variety of exactness sheet metal enclosures. These enclosures are handled structure high grade crude materials like stainless steel, aluminum and so on. Our sheet metal enclosures are generally utilized for different electrical and industrial purposes. They are broadly used to ensure electrical parts, instruments, workstation segments from soil, oil and consumption. We offer these custom sheet metal enclosures for indoor and outdoor applications. We utilize plot, bar, channel and tubing for creation, bolts are given to these enclosures to guarantee high security. Our stainless steel sheet metal enclosures are utilized as a part of sustenance and drinks industries. Our exactness sheet metal enclosures are outlined in different benchmarks and exclusively specified sizes. Sheet metal enclosure outline applies high engineering solutions. PSW utilizes plan virtual products like Solid lives up to expectations, Think 3, Fabriwin, with Solid modeling to exchange the client drawings rapidly and faultlessly to manufacturing necessities in wording by preparing level drawing analyzing the attainability of manufacturing, preparing PPAP, BOM accompanied by control outlines. We offer these sheet metal enclosures in business sector leading costs and dependent upon modified necessities.

Characteristics of Sheet Metal Enclosures:

  • Sturdy construction.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Precision made.
  • High Quality And More Drawn Out Timeframe Of Realistic Usability.
  • These enclosures are epoxy coated to ensure good quality.

Provisions of Sheet Metal Enclosures:

  • Pertinent for electrical and industrial purposes.
  • Development and Engineering industry.
  • Automobile industry.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.

Sheet Metal Fabricators

Our company is one of the leading sheet metal fabricators in India. Our clients can avail from us a gamut of stamping parts and sheet metal works that is manufactured from quality raw materials like sheet metal, stainless steel, alloy steel, non-ferrous metal, and carbon steel. Our sheet metal fabrication works are supervised by our experienced workers based on various parameters during manufacture, to provide high quality products to our customers. Our fabrication is done based on CNC technology to get high precision products. Being well known sheet metal fabricators our services are widely appreciated by our customers for providing both standard and custom products. We help our customers from beginning till production with various facilities. We offer these sheet metal fabricated products in industrial leading prices.

Sheet Metal services offered by us:

  • Design, manufacturing, fabrication services is provided to our customers.
  • Our skilled engineers work efficiently to provide quality and custom metal products.
  • We work hard to gain customer satisfaction.
  • Delivery time is strictly maintained.

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Works includes:

  • Fabrication of sheet metal enclosure.
  • Fabrication of sheet metal cabinet.
  • Electrical sheet metal cabinet.
  • Industrial sheet metal cabinet.
  • Sheet metal enclosures for computer parts.

Aluminum Fabricators

Balaji Metal Tech is one of the leading aluminum fabricators in India. Our aluminum fabrication includes bending, cutting and punching aluminum metals. Our engineered aluminum fabricators furnish the following facilities:
  • CNC Punching from 0.8 to 3.00mm width of 1250 x 2500mm without repositioning. More than 2500mm width is likewise conceivable.
  • Components can be bent up to 3mm of any material with an accuracy of 0.2mm by using CNC Bending Machine.
  • Extensive in-house capabilities that allow us to perform nearly all aluminum extrusion fabrication on premises, which provides for quick delivery and cost-savings benefits for our customers.
  • Further these are dimensionally faultless and have solid finish guidelines and strong development.
  • These administrations are exceedingly acknowledged by our esteemed customers for solidness, outlines, flawless cutting and fine finish.

Our range of Aluminum Fabrication Services includes:

  • cnc bending
  • Turret punching
  • Aluminum spot welding
  • Aluminum tig and mig welding

Aluminum Component

We offer a extensive variety of aluminum components which is pertinent for different electrical and auto provisions. Our aluminum segments are known for their quality and consumption safety that gives toughness to the machines in which these are utilized. We are equipped with propelled device room office that empowers us to fabricate dimensionally correct aluminum segments of different sorts in diverse weights. Moreover, these have exceptional tasteful and warm credits to be utilized at home, in development, in a few auto parts and different modes of transport. Various facilities is provided for aluminum component processing which includes punching, bending, riveting. These Aluminum parts could be effectively twisted upto 3mm of any material with an exactness of 0.2mm by utilizing CNC Bending Machine. Miscreant drawing is first done to our aluminum parts to give examined assembling. Cnc Punching from 0.8 to 3.00mm width of 1250 x 2500mm without repositioning more than 2500mm width is likewise conceivable.

Features of our Aluminum Components:

  • Strong and durable.
  • These components are made on high speed pressing machines.
  • Our aluminum components can be produced for various metal products.
  • These items are exceedingly protected to utilize and have a more extended timeframe of realistic usability.
  • Aluminum segments have powder covered completion.
  • These segments might be fabricated dependent upon the customer’s determinations.
  • Available in affordable prices.

Welding Aluminum

We offer an extensive variety of administrations for welding aluminum. The procedure of our welding aluminum is carried out utilizing most recent machines with high precision and flawlessness. Aluminum welding needs more fixation than any metals because of their softening focuses and oxide creation. We use aluminum tig and mig welding methods for welding different types of aluminum alloys. The welding process is generally minded by our experts at every stage and guarantee high precision. We weld these aluminum metals of different thickness and sizes dependent upon the necessities of our customers.

Welding Aluminum incorporates the accompanying process:

  • Oxide evacuation is finished with the assistance of stainless steel brush.
  • Metal high temperature psychologist is utilized behind the welding aluminum.
  • Welding movement is moderate and flawless.
  • Solid weld is given aluminum to document away.
  • TIG and MIG aluminum welding requires AC power which is an easy way to weld aluminum.
  • We use spray transfer method to transfer welded aluminum.

Spot Welding Aluminum:

  • We do Aluminum spot welding of 3+3mm thickness.

CNC Fabrication

We are had practical experience in offering CNC fabrication procedure for creating different metals and machine supplies under administer workstation control. The CNC metal items made by us are generally created with the assistance of our CNC machines and most innovative techniques. Our CNC fabrication machine incorporates CNC laser machine and CNC Turret Punching Machine. We present this CNC office to process brilliant exactness sheet metal fabrication for different metals like CRCA, G.I. sheets, stainless steel, aluminum and HRCA. With the assistance of this CNC fabrication office we have the ability to fulfill the necessities of our clients. CNC fabrication is broadly material in Engineering and Automobile businesses.

Our CNC Fabrication offers the following facilities:

  • Punching: CNC punching from 0.8 to 3.00mm width of 1250 x 2500mm without repositioning. More than 2500mm width is also possible.
  • Curving: Components might be twisted up to 3mm of any material with an exactness of 0.2mm by utilizing CNC Bending Machine. CNC bowing 0.8 to 3.00mm steel sheet for the length of 2.5m with tab collapsing precision of ±0.2mm.
  • Arresting: The procedure of arresting to alter the clasp like PEM latches, CLIFA clasp, and so on., by utilizing high precision CNC regulated PEM embedding’s machines.

Characteristics of CNC Fabrication:

  • CNC fabrication helps in flexible manufacturing.
  • Simple to Generate parts with diverse design.
  • 7 axis CNC controller.

Panel Builders | Control Panels

We are one of the heading panel builders, Control Panels in India. We spend significant time in assembling electrical panel and control panel. Being one of the reliable panel builders we offer our customers an extensive variety of administrations in panel building. Our control panel is fabricated from high caliber crude materials and is utilized to control electrical apparatuses. These panels are manufactured utilizing propelled devices and supplies. These electrical control panels are checked at each phase of our handling procedure to guarantee and convey quality items to our clients. Our offered control panel is utilized to supply power to electrical engines and equipment’s. The panel holds some wires and electrical segments which requires efficient plans to escape a short out or over-burden. Particularly intended to furnish impressive imperviousness to electric and warm force, these panels pander to the necessities of different auto and unified businesses. Our electrical panels have high caliber finalize with epoxy powder treating. This electrical panel works proficiently throughout antagonistic climatic condition. We present these control panels and electrical panels in a wide range and are accessible in streamlined heading costs.

Our Panel Building incorporates:

  • Electrical panels
  • Control Panels

Our Panels are relevant in designing and electrical commercial enterprises:

  • Power and Lighting Distribution Boards.
  • Power control centers.

Medical Device Enclosure

Medical device enclosure is a device utilized for putting different medical instruments, for example medical thermometers, surgical products, blood/sugar meters, operation theatre equipments and numerous different devices securely. We fabricate and supply these medical device enclosures in diverse grades and particulars dependent upon the necessities of our clients. We confer these medical enclosures from diverse metals like stainless steel, aluminum and so forth. Our medical device metal enclosures are well known for its toughness, more drawn out time span of usability and quality fulfill.

Features of Medical Device Enclosures:

  • Durable and strong.
  • Available in different metals.
  • Quality finish with powder coating.
  • Compact design.
  • Provides good protection to medical equipments.
  • These medical enclosures are resistant to corrosion.

Application of Medical Device Enclosure:

  • Hospitals and Clinics.

Aerospace Components Manufacturers

We are one of the heading manufacturers and suppliers of aerospace components. With the assistance of high encountered workmanship these components are fabricated utilizing high grade crude materials. We process these components by using latest technologies like CNC fabrication and EDM. Superior quality of stainless steel and aluminum are utilized for the fabrication procedure of our aerospace components. Tough and exceedingly uncommon in nature, our reach of aerospace components has won loads of praise from our customers the nation over. With encountered experts our precision aerospace components components are generally tried under different parameters throughout every level of assembling process. Our extent is accessible in different standard and tweaked goes to meet different necessities of our customers. These aerospace components have high proficiency and henceforth can work in antagonistic climatic conditions.

Our components include the following:

  • Aerospace components brakes.
  • Aerospace components rotors.
  • Aerospace components front brake line kit.
  • Aerospace components disc break drag kit.

Application of Aerospace Components:

  • Extensively used for flight critical propulsion, radar detection and various other purposes.
  • Applicable in aircraft turbo machinery.

Telecom Panel

We are occupied with offering an extensive variety of telecom panel in India. The telecom panels, manufactured by us are produced from high caliber crude materials in different grades. These are broadly material in different telecom divisions. This telecom panel is not difficult to instate and expedite finish assurance to the gear. These panels are compound safe, water and flame safety, dust and earth verification. Our telecom panels are productively outlined recognizing the high temperature created by the encased supplies and environment temperature varieties. Our skilled technicians manufacture these panels using latest technologies and based on the industrial standards. We offer this indian telecom panel in various specification based on the requirements of our clients. These telecom panels are supplied to various telecommunication sectors in market leading prices.

Specifications of Telecom Panel:

  • Polyurethane foam is provided for better insulation.
  • Thickness of pre coated sheets is provided.
  • Very High Wind Pressure- 160 Km/Hrs.
  • Sizes are available as per the client’s requirements.

Features of Telecom Panel:

  • Durable and longer shelf life.
  • Easy installation.
  • Our telecom panel is applicable for different size requirements.
  • Alarms are provided with doors.
  • Self conditioning temperature system.
  • Corrosion resistance.